Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dooba Dooba Silk Route Piano Notes

This is a good example of song using chords 1,4,5 of scale F major.
I.e. it uses F(1), Bb(4) and C(5) chords.

It uses an accidental note B in part where the word "Khwabon mein" start in "Tum aagaye khwabon mein aise"

An out-of-scale G chord sounds great there.

If Playing F and Bb (A#) chords are difficult for you on Guitar, then you can ask the singer to sing in G major scale and move all chords one whole step higher. With that,

F   becomes G
A#  becomes C
C   becomes D
B   Becomes A

Other method is to find 1,4,5 chords of G major scale.

These chords are much simpler to play for a beginner using open chord shapes. Of course, you cannot use (G,C,D,A) chords to play with original song.

There are lot of covers on Youtube in which singer/guitarist has used this technique i.e. singing in G major.

La La La La Leyyaaa...La La La.....
La La La La Leyyaaa...La La La.....

Dooba dooba rehta hoon aankhon me teri
FG     AA    GA    F    DD     D   DC

Deewana ban gaya hoon main chaahat me teri
FGA     A   GA    G    F    DD     D   GF

Ab din guzarte nahin
C  C   CDD      FE

Ratein kat-ti nahin
DC     D   D   FE

Teri tasvir se baat ban-ti nahin..hoooo Aa-ja
DC    DDF   E  DC    D  D  FE         G GA  F

Koi jaane na
CA#  AA#  A   

Pehchaane na

Yeh hua kaise
A   GF  FD

Tum aagaye khwabon mein aise
D   DA#A#   BB      B    GBC   

(B is accidental i.e. not in F major scale, Play Gmaj chord here)

Bewafa... sun oh bewafa..bewafaa. na jaa
DFE        DC    DFE      DFE     G  GAF

Here is great chord lesson by Pawan Jalan

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