Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Apache Instrumental Guitar Piano Notes Chords Tutorial

Scale: E minor (E F# G A B C D E)

E minor scale is natural minor of G major scale 
i.e. it has same notes as G major.

G major/E minor contains only one sharp note i.e. F#

E  4th String (D string) 2nd Fret
B  5th String (A string) 2nd Fret
A  5th String Open
C# 5th String 4th Fret (This note is accidental i.e. not in E minor)
C  5th String 3rd Fret
F  4th String 3rd Fret
F# 4th String 4th Fret
D  4th String Open

Lead   E B E C#
Chords Em    A   (C maj7 x32xxx also sounds good instead of Em)

Lead   B A B
Chords Em

To play next line, shift the shape of first line one string to right i.e. towards high strings to get A E and F# notes.

Lead   A E A F#
Chords A     D

Lead   E D E
Chords A

(Please ignore note C in diagram below)
Lead   C FF F F ( 4 times) E
Chords F                   Em

G 3rd String Open
A 3rd String 2nd Fret
B 2nd String Open or 3rd String 4th Fret

Lead:   C E G F#
Chords: C     D

Lead:   G A B A G E
Chords:     Em  C Em

Excellent Cover By stringzguitar

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