Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dooba Dooba Silk Route Piano Notes

This is a good example of song using chords 1,4,5 of scale F major.
I.e. it uses F(1), Bb(4) and C(5) chords.

It uses an accidental note B in part where the word "Khwabon mein" start in "Tum aagaye khwabon mein aise"

An out-of-scale G chord sounds great there.

If Playing F and Bb (A#) chords are difficult for you on Guitar, then you can ask the singer to sing in G major scale and move all chords one whole step higher. With that,

F   becomes G
A#  becomes C
C   becomes D
B   Becomes A

Other method is to find 1,4,5 chords of G major scale.

These chords are much simpler to play for a beginner using open chord shapes. Of course, you cannot use (G,C,D,A) chords to play with original song.

There are lot of covers on Youtube in which singer/guitarist has used this technique i.e. singing in G major.

La La La La Leyyaaa...La La La.....
La La La La Leyyaaa...La La La.....

Dooba dooba rehta hoon aankhon me teri
FG     AA    GA    F    DD     D   DC

Deewana ban gaya hoon main chaahat me teri
FGA     A   GA    G    F    DD     D   GF

Ab din guzarte nahin
C  C   CDD      FE

Ratein kat-ti nahin
DC     D   D   FE

Teri tasvir se baat ban-ti nahin..hoooo Aa-ja
DC    DDF   E  DC    D  D  FE         G GA  F

Koi jaane na
CA#  AA#  A   

Pehchaane na

Yeh hua kaise
A   GF  FD

Tum aagaye khwabon mein aise
D   DA#A#   BB      B    GBC   

(B is accidental i.e. not in F major scale, Play Gmaj chord here)

Bewafa... sun oh bewafa..bewafaa. na jaa
DFE        DC    DFE      DFE     G  GAF

Here is great chord lesson by Pawan Jalan

Friday, July 22, 2011

Haal-e-Dil Murder 2 Piano Notes

Key: A minor (A B C D E F G)
Chords: Am, Dm, Em, G, F, C
Hey kash..
G    GA

Kash yun hota..
CC   B   GF 
Har shaam..
F    FG

Sath tu hota..

Chup chap..
Dil na yun rota..
Har shaam..
Sath tu hota..


Guzara ho tere, bin guzara
AAB    C   ED   B   CDC

Ab muskil hai lagta
AB  CC    B    AB
Nazara ho tera, hi nazara
AAB    C  ED    B  CDC

Ab har din hai lagta….

AB C   C    D  CDDE 

Haal e dil tujhko sunata
E    D  E  EE      FEDC

Dil agar yeh Bol pata
D    CD   D  D   EDCB

Bakhuda tujhko hai jata jaan..

CBC     CC     D    CBA  B

Aaha tere sang jo pal bitata
Waqt se main woh mang lata
Yaad karke muskurata haan…


Khwabon ka kab tak loon sahara…

E E      E DE   E   D    CBC

Ab toh tu aa bhi ja khudara…

C   C  C  D   C   B  BCE

Meri ye dono pagal aankhen….
EE   E  EGG  EDC    CB

Har pal maange tera nazara…..

C    C  CD      CB  BCE

Aa..samjhao inko kis tarah..

Inpe mera (mera)
Bas nahi chalta han.. haan…


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Senorita Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara Piano Notes

Scale: A Major
Chords for Mukhada: A and B minor

First E is E4 and C# is C#5 i.e. in next octave.

na main samjha
E  C#    B A

na main jaana
C#  B    AA
jo bhi tum ne mujhse kaha hai Senorita
C#  B   A  A   AA     AA   A   G#AAB

magar phir bhi
E4 D5  C#   B4

na jaane kyun
Repeat Previous

mujhe sunke accha laga hai Senorita
DC#   BB     BB    BB   B   AABC#

mujhko baahon mein tum ghero
C#C#   C#C#    E    C#  DD

samjheen na Senorita
BC#D      D  F#DEE

(Play on A5 note)
chaahat ke do pal bhi mil paayein
AA      G# F# D    F# G#  F#E 
(Note F is accidental i.e. not in A major scale)

duniya mein yeh bhi kam hai kya
FF#G#   F#    F  D  C#B  D   C# 
do pal ko to aao kho jaayein
bhoolein hum hota ghum hai kya


Senorita, suno suno, Senorita kehte hain hum kya

Here is a great tutorial for chords by stringzguitar

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Apache Instrumental Guitar Piano Notes Chords Tutorial

Scale: E minor (E F# G A B C D E)

E minor scale is natural minor of G major scale 
i.e. it has same notes as G major.

G major/E minor contains only one sharp note i.e. F#

E  4th String (D string) 2nd Fret
B  5th String (A string) 2nd Fret
A  5th String Open
C# 5th String 4th Fret (This note is accidental i.e. not in E minor)
C  5th String 3rd Fret
F  4th String 3rd Fret
F# 4th String 4th Fret
D  4th String Open

Lead   E B E C#
Chords Em    A   (C maj7 x32xxx also sounds good instead of Em)

Lead   B A B
Chords Em

To play next line, shift the shape of first line one string to right i.e. towards high strings to get A E and F# notes.

Lead   A E A F#
Chords A     D

Lead   E D E
Chords A

(Please ignore note C in diagram below)
Lead   C FF F F ( 4 times) E
Chords F                   Em

G 3rd String Open
A 3rd String 2nd Fret
B 2nd String Open or 3rd String 4th Fret

Lead:   C E G F#
Chords: C     D

Lead:   G A B A G E
Chords:     Em  C Em

Excellent Cover By stringzguitar