Friday, October 12, 2012

Challa Initial Guitar Melody Notes

Notes are based on frets near the nut of guitar
so that you will be playing more open strings.
Sorry, Being a beginner, I am used to playing with open strings.

Scale: A minor

E (4th String 2nd Fret)
G (3rd Open)
B (2nd Open)
C (2nd String 1st Fret)
A (3rd String 2nd Fret)
F (4th String 3rd Fret


E   G   B C(hammerOn)   Play B and Hammer on C  

A   A   A

G   A   B C(hammerOn)

A   A   A

Line 2

F  G  B  G
F  G  F  E

(EGA) then repeat Line 1 from BC(hammer) and Line 2 

Challa ki labh da phire
ED     E   DE  D   C CE
Challa ki labh da phire
Yaaron main ghar kehda

AC      C    C    DB BC
Lokan ton puchda phire

FG    A    F  G  FE

Challa hansda phire
AA      C   B AA 
Challa rounda phire

GG      BB  G GG 
Challa gali gali rulda phire

FF      AA   GF   F FG  FE

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